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Designed with Non-Polarity and Two bus connection, easy to install and maintain
Alarm or fault information being reported to fire alarm control panel
Support multi controllers interconnected.


Fire Alarm Control Panel

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Product Introduction


Full system integrity with Sanjiang developed protocol, the control panel MN 3010 epitomize quality, durability and reliability. The robust, enhanced and proved Digital Systems Protocol has been running for ten years, up to 324 addresses with single loop, detectors and modules report alarm signal actively, three adjustable sensitivity modes for environmental variations, it is ideal to meet various environments requirements in any area, suitable for small or medium sized commercial and industrial premises. MN 3010 control panels can be networked to become part of much larger systems if needed, therefore providing a future proof solution for any installation.

Fully compliant with CCC (the Chinese standard for Fire alarm Systems - Components for detection Systems)/ GB 4717-2005 Fire Alarm Control

Unit GB 16806-2006 Automatic Control System for Fire Protection, the MN 3010 is an entry level intelligent addressable control panel which can be configured for 1 loop operation. 
Circuit is equipped by optional addressing points, addresses and device types identified automatically, also designed to reduce the equipment cost. The simplicity of operation, detailed cause and effect programming capability and competitive pricing make the system suitable for a wide range of small to medium sized projects.


Product Features:

4.3”color LCD, resolution 430×272 
Configurable as a 1 loop panel, up to 324 addresses
Soft addressing
User friendly with keypad / keyswitch and USB interface
Support flexible and detailed cause and effect programming, extensive range of commissioning and engineering functions
Ease of system modification
Programmable features include facilities such as, delayed equipment response to allow investigation time following an alarm activation
Easy to operate end user controls
CAN bus communication technology
Flexible distributed network capability, up to 20 sets of MN3010 can be interconnected. System can grow as the site expands
Single point access or distributed networking possible
Full range of compatible accessories from Sanjiang Electronics
3 grades of sensitivity adjustment with control panel to help minimize false alarms
With unique moisture-proof process, it can operate normally in coastal areas or high-humidity atmosphere
The control panel MN3010 is supplied with simple styled, durable enclosure with all of its electronics
Graphic display device CRT-9000 provides a simple menu driven end user interface
Low quiescent current 40 mA, DC 24V output
Anti-lightning and anti-surge
Stores 999 last events in event log
Integral battery (optional) and power supply
Integral printer (optional)

Technical Parameters:


Operating Environment 

Indoor,Temp. -10℃~+55℃,relative humidity≤95%(40℃±2℃ no condensation) 

Working volt 


Capacity of control panel 

200 Points 

324 Points 

Power supply for control panel


Backup battery 




Mini Printer 

Mini Printer 


GB 4717-2005 Fire Alarm Control Unit
GB 16806-2006 Automatic Control System for Fire Protection 

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